How to Find the Best Video Production Company in Vancouver (or your City)

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How to Find the Best Video Production Company in Vancouver (or your City)

Hey Everyone, Are you tired of going through countless photographers and videographers? (Not to mention, the numerous film/production companies in the city?)

I have a solution or better yet a check-list that can bypass everything and save you lots of time (and potentially money)


TiV Production Vancouver

TiV Production Vancouver – During A Set Same time last Year

This is not just for clients or anyone who is looking for some form of visuals. These questions can help a lot of people in the industry. To my fellow film and photo people, please share this to your potential clients and I want your opinions as well.

I am simplifying but this will help new business owners or young artists or anyone in need of professional video/photo services.



Ask yourself the following questions at the most simplistic form


What type of Service Do You Need?

Be simple but specific.

For example, don’t Say “I need a Video.”

good answer is “I need a Commercial”

A Great answer is “I need a green screen commercial with typography”

What is the Video Reference you have in mind?

You know what you like, better yet, you know what you hate.

Find the video (or videos) that you love and it will provide a lot of clarity for anyone involved.

You can pick and choose what you like from videos and create the ultimate hybrid with your visuals.

Trust yourself, listen to others but

You know yourself

You Know what you want

Find Videos on Youtube of Vimeo

How Much Do you want to Spend?

This part is tricky, if you are new to this industry.

However, once you provided the “reference video,” a trusted trained professional can estimate the cost.

That estimate of your “reference video” could put a few things in perspective.

Please remember – Videos are not expensive, but here are some factors that can increase the price:

– Locations

– Actors

-Special Effects in editing


-Equipment involved

-and many many many many more

Don’t worry, the professional that you choose will break it down much more thoroughly.

(I just gave a few examples to give you an idea)

Always contact and get quotes from multiple companies, because after you contacted 4 – 5 you will find out the price range of the video.

Although videos can be formulaic, they are still art.

Thus, every company brings their own style to the project.


tiv productions money

Why are you doing this video?

This is very important,

Why are you Reaaallly doing this?

Are you a rapper that wants to be famous ?

Are you a barber who thinks that you have an amazing story?

Are you getting married and you want the best visuals possible to capture the day?

It goes




But once you know why you are doing this,

it can help you and the professional to an incredible extent.

From my professional experience, most of the clientele we have are businesses (with weddings as an exception)

so whether we need to create a commercial for a Chinese company in Vancouver


A music video for an international artist


we need to film Drake rapping to Vancouver

I think its fair to say that we are pretty diverse in what we do

tiv productions thinking

Tiv productions – Overthinking

Final Thoughts

Forget about Us. We don’t matter

Ultimately you are the ones with the vision

Video companies should execute to the highest level

My only advice is to be creative and listen to creatives that can give you that edge in any field, tunnel vision doesn’t always work

On that note, Here is our Show Reel 2016 (It changes bi-weekly)


-By: Kane Dabir









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