2016 Music Video From TiV Productions

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2016 Music Video From TiV Productions

2016 Music Video From TiV Productions – Cloudy Tunnel

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to TiV Productions based out of Vancouver, BC. We are excited to launch our website and provide high quality visual content to our clients.

We have shifted away from creative content last year but our goal is to create much more music videos and short films that create an awesome visual experience for everyone to enjoy.

That being said, we are starting 2016 with a Music Video release from Cloudy Tunnel. The video directed by Frank Pan (ig: FrankisPlanz) is very similar to the Wiz Khalifa Video called “We Dem Boyz” but Wiz missed his jump shot; BTK made his. So its a completely different video ahahha! 😀

The visuals were amplified with some subtle effects by Frank Pan but they made the video that much better. We understand that every artist has their own vision for a project but sometimes one must trust the professionals who are specialized in that field in order to achieve the best possible product. We are excited to finally release a glimpse of our new work; stay tuned Vancouver! Let’s Work!


Email: info@tivproductions.ca
Website: www.tivproductions.ca

Videos: www.vimeo.com/tivproductions
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TIVProductionsVancouver

Director : https://www.instagram.com/frankisplanz/

Producer : https://www.instagram.com/kaneiscain/

词:Sean Zh(张翼腾) & BTK¥(陶看宇)
曲:Beat Engine

Follow us on FB: 雲道Cloudy Tunnel

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